Terms and conditions

We hold to standard legally-binding terms and conditions of Finnish merchants.  In addition, please consider the following:

Shipping cost / areas:  Currently, we ship within the European Union (standard shipping cost 20€), including Finland (standard shipping cost 10€, contact us for home delivery or express options).  Please contact us if you live outside of the EU and would like to order our beautiful fur products.  For shipments outside of the EU, prices are final as listed, but do not include value added tax, so please be prepared for possible additional customs or VAT charges from your country's Customs/Border Agency.

Delivery times / conditions:  Unless otherwise agreed, we use standard postal shipping times.  For Finland, parcels usually arrive in 2-4 working days.  For other Baltic countries, the shipping may be slightly longer.  For all other European countries, the delivery time may be up to about 2 weeks (possibly longer due to Covid delays and certain country's internal delivery practices).  For our Finnish customers, you may request a pick-up location free of charge (for other European customer's pick-up location is determined automatically).  Please note that we need your telephone number to ensure quick and reliable delivery!  

Unfortunately, we cannot control or take responsibility for damage to items or items that go missing during the shipping process.  Thankfully, that has never happened to date, but in such an event, we will try to work with you and the postal service.  We do pack our items securely and label them clearly, to avoid such an incident from happening.  Also, all of our packages have tracking codes, so that you can follow their progress at any time.

Returns:  Believe it or not, during our years of business we have never yet received a request to return an item!  That's how satisfied our customers are.  In fact, we tend to see the same customers come back again and again, because they have had such a good experience.  We work very hard to create items that meet the needs, fit, and size of our customers, and that will serve them well for years to come.  This shows in everything from our careful stitching to the choice of colours, fur, and combination of high-quality materials. 

In some cases, a customer sends us a skin that is entirely too thick or stiff (or old and fragile) to be made into the item requested.  In that case we will contact you to discuss options.  In many cases, we can work with even a sub-optimal fur by combining it with premium lining and leather to increase suppleness.  

Nonetheless, it is good for you to know our return policy, should the need arise:

  1. First, we always request that you contact us first.  Many "problems" are in fact easily fixed (see for example the note on sizing, below).
  2. According to standard precedent, custom-made clothing cannot be returned.  We work with your specific size, shape, and wishes, to make you a unique product that cannot simply be resold to another.  However, should you notice an error or other problem with your item, please contact us, and we will see how we can help you.
  3. We take responsibility for obvious defects in our workmanship.  Should you notice a fault in our workmanship in your brand new item, please contact us to have it returned or fixed.
  4. Unless otherwise agreed, ready-made items in our shop can be returned or exchanged within 14 days of receipt, and only if returned in completely new and unused condition.  Please do contact us, and we can help you arrange a smooth return / exchange.
  5. All discounted or Outlet sales are final.
  6. Finally, please do contact us if you have a question or concern.  We stand behind our products, and will be happy to discuss with you!  A happy customer is a win-win for both of us!

A note on sizing.  Hats:  it is normal for a fur hat to be slightly large when first sewn. This is because it will shrink slightly from your body moisture during use, and we want it to end up at the right size for you after the first several wearings. If it continues to be too large after that time, you can tighten it with the strong string sewn into the inner lining for that purpose (please contact us, so that we can advise how to do it).  Too small?  If, over time,  your hat has become too small for you, send it to us, and we can get it back to correct size free of charge (for hats we've sewn).  

Mitts/slippers:  Please note that we use high-quality, dense shearling lining, to ensure extra warmth.  This means that the product may feel slightly snug at first, but after several wearings the shearling will press down slightly to your unique profile, providing optimal fit while retaining its warmth.

We wish you a good experience and a fur garment that will serve you for many years.  Please contact us with any questions!