Children's fur hats

We particularly recommend marten / sable, seal, and muskrat.

Children's full-fur hat v. 1:  full-fur exterior, rounded crown, earflaps down.  The inner crown is made with warm, high-quality quilted lining, and the earflaps are lined with genuine sheepskin.  This fit stays in place well, and is a warm and sure choice especially for the youngest children.  Optional removable tail. 

Children's full-fur hat, v. 2:  Essentially a Russian-style ushanka in child size!  Exterior and ear flaps complely from fur; interior crown made of warm, high-quality quilted lining.  Earflaps can be tied up, back, or down.  Generally without tail. 

Children's Trapper's hat:  Upper exterior leather; earflaps fur; crown interior warm, high-quality quilted lining.  This is a particularly versatile hat for a wide variety of weather conditions and wearing styles (ear flaps tied up, behind neck, or under chin), making it especially suitable for slightly older children / youth.  This is one of our most popular adult models.

Children's Davy Crockett hat.  Earflaps from warm felt (can easily be folded up into the crown on warmer days) or fur (fixed, not foldable).   Tail either fixed or removable. Davy Crockett hat exterior is fully fur, and the interior is a warm, high-quality, quilted lining.  This is a warm and showy hat enjoyed by both children and adults!  In Finland, red fox is the traditional fur of choice, though other furs are also available (e.g. seal-fox combo in bottom photos).  

Children's red fox Davy Crockett "coonskin" hat
Children's red fox Davy Crockett "coonskin" hat

Baby's fur hat:  Warm and easy to put on, we craft this hat specially for the newborn head shape.  Various fur and reindeer leather combinations.   

As you can see, we enjoy playing with fur and coming up with fun ways to keep children warm!  This is just a sample of the hats we can produce, so if you have an idea for a unique children's hat, please contact us!  

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