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Here is a short summary.  Ask us more (emily@pekanturkisompelu.fi)!

Long- and medium-haired furs are ideal for showy applications (e.g. fur shawls and collar trimming):

Fox:   Particularly showy and luxurious. Long hair. Colour variations available (natural red fox in photo). Used particularly for collar trimming and for fur hats. Finnish source.

Lynx:  Long and very soft hair that does not shed.  Exquisite patterning in some individuals.  As a CITES species, lynx products may only be sold under a special permit granted by the Finnish Environmental Institute. 

Finn raccoon / Raccoon dog:  Showy and warm. Long hair.  Frequently used for hunting mitts, showy hats, and collar trimming. Finnish source.

Finnish marten / sable:  Very soft and warm fur with a light-weight feel. Mid-length hair. The peachy throat-patch area makes for unique design possibilities. Used particularly in fur hats (for children also). Finnish source.

The fur of aquatic fur-bearing animals is weather resistant and extremely warm, due to the dense undercoat below the longer guard hairs.  Beaver and muskrat are very durable, and popular particularly for work and sport accessories.    

Beaver:  Mid-length hair, with a slight sheen. Durable, weather resistant, and extremely warm. Suitable for many applications (e.g. mitts and hats), particularly for heavy use. 

Muskrat:  Fairly short hair that is soft, warm, durable, and weather resistant.  Traditional fur of the Royal Canadian Mounted Police.  An excellent option for children's hats as well.  Not native to Finland, so trapped here as an invasive species.

Mink and seal (both aquatic fur-bearers) offer silky, weather-resistant, short fur that does not shed.  These properties make them especially favoured for the most fashionable accessories, and also for wetter/warmer winter conditions.   

Mink:  Silky soft and durable. Short hair with a slight sheen. Used for many applications, from ear muffs and fur hats to fur coats. Not native to Finland, so hunted here as an invasive species.

Seal:  Our most weather-resistant fur, sometimes referred to as nature's raincoat!  This is partly due to the unique absence of an undercoat, which also makes it a great choice for people with dust or fur allergies, or for use in milder weather.  Silky feel and slight sheen. The slightly stiff, short hairs do not shed, making it an excellent option for vests and coats. Also popular in fur hats (often combined with fox) and fur mitts. Sustainably sourced from Inuit hunts in Greenland (approved by the EU, WWF, and Greenpeace).

Sheepskin / Shearling is a long-time favourite due to its warmth and durability. We use genuine sheepskin / shearling lining in our fur mitts.  

Sheep: Warm, soft, and durable. Please contact us to discuss length, colour, and curly v. straight options. Practical and economical. Used for vests, traditional-style hats, as well as for lining fur mitts and children's earflaps.

The following table provides a general comparison of various fur properties. However, it must be borne in mind that each fur animal, as well as its tanning, is unique, and that the final characteristics of a fur product consist of e.g. the characteristics of the lining, the skill of the furrier, and the combination of materials. 

In our fur mitts, we use high-quality sheepskin lining.  This in and of itself is already enough to keep hands warm in standard winter condition.  However, if you want an extremely warm product, we ask that you also consider the warmth factor of the fur type.

Also, our fur hats have a thick, quilted fabric lining, which together with the leather or fur exterior provides very effective protection from wind and cold.  Once again, for extreme cold conditions (e.g. snowmobiling in very cold temperatures), we recommend a full-fur hat. 

We always recommend that our customers contact us, so that we can ensure just the right fur and product for your unique needs!

Source for warmth and softness values (other than seal): Fur Hat World, 2022, "Types of Fur." https://www.furhatworld.com/info/fur-information/, 04.01.2022.

Did you know?

  • The fur of aquatic fur-bearers is recommended for people with allergies.
  • We recommend marten, muskrat, and sheep for children's hats.  These furs are soft and warm, and short enough to be appropriate to a child's smaller proportions.  Seal is another alternative that is particularly weather-proof and easy to clean.
  • Long-haired furs are more showy, but generally also shed more easily.  
  • We will gladly assist in helping you to plan what fur properties and colours are uniquely suited to you.