Fur mitts

We have a broad variety of fur and leather mitts to select from.
We have a broad variety of fur and leather mitts to select from.

Ice-fishing / hunting mitts:

Luxurious, roomy mitts for the coldest, low-activity conditions: genuine fur and leather mitts ideal for snowmobiling, ice-fishing or hunting. Palm and inner thumb from leather. Lined with genuine high-quality sheep shearling for added warmth.  The hunting mitt fit is relaxed / loose to allow the mitt to be flung off with a flick of the hand in hunting situations, while attaching a string to the leather loops prevents the mitts from being lost in the snow.  This fit is also ideal when using gloves underneath the fur mitts (e.g. while ice-fishing).  Upon request, we can provide a more secure fit with built-in elastic around the wrist.  Our elastic is never directly against the skin, but is comfortably incorporated behind the shearling lining.

Snowmobile / work mitts with genuine shearling lining:

A combined leather-fur mitt with warm, high-quality sheep shearling lining, complete with finished leather seams and hanging hoops.  

The semi-relaxed fit of these mitts provides a wide array of uses:  still roomy enough for thin gloves underneath, the mitts nonetheless stay securely in place, thanks to comfortable, built-in elastic between the shearling and fur layers.  The extra length along the arm protects from wind and snow.  

We select top-quality Finnish reindeer leather for the palm and thumb, providing great flexibility and a firm grasp.  The fit and suppleness of these mitts makes them suitable for more active use as well.

Please contact us about the possibility of adding initials or numbers with contrast-colour fur, to make these a personalized gift for someone special.

seal/reindeer snowmobile mitts with genuine shearling lining
seal/reindeer snowmobile mitts with genuine shearling lining

Snowmobile / work mitts with synthetic Teddy lining:

Flexible and durable mitts for everyday use, made from premium, supple reindeer leather (extra insulation pad on the back side of the hand) or weatherproof sealskin fur. 

Women's luxurious fur mitts:

Warm and soft fur mitts with genuine shearling lining.  Individual fur markings and various fur combinations makes for an endless array of unique possibilities in these fashionable and beautiful mitts.  The fluffy fur trim and built-in, comfortable wrist elastication ensure that the warmth stays in while the wind and snow stays out!   Palm/inner thumb from fur or supple Finnish reindeer leather, according the the customer's wishes.  

black seal fur mitts with fox trimming
black seal fur mitts with fox trimming

Reindeer leather mitts:

Exceptionally supple mitts made from silky yet strong Finnish reindeer leather and premium-quality shearling (soft Spanish merino).  With or without trimming.   Inquire about our colour options!

Shearling mitts:

Fashionable and warm everyday mitts from quality shearling (sheep leather exterior, soft sheep fur interior). Fur-trimming for added warmth and style.

Children's fur mittens

Children's mitts available made-to-order!

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