Koivistolainen hat

Best-seller!  A classic Finnish hat, available in various styles and furs.  Leather crown with fur rim (most popular), or full-fur.  The fur edge can be folded down in versions 2 and 3, providing extra warmth on colder days.

Koivistolainen, version 1: fixed edges

For a full-fur example, check out our full-fur mink hat.

Koivistolainen v. 2: fur edge that can be folded down (two hook-and-eye closures at the back)

Traditionally, this Finnish hat is worn with the fur edge up and hook-and-eye closures at the back of the head for warmer days (upper left photo), and then flipped around with the closures to the front and edge folded down on colder days, to fully protect the ears and neck (upper right photo).  

As an improvement to this method, we can sew small fasteners onto the crown of the hat upon request.  This allows the fur flaps to be fastened onto the crown and away from the eyes, when the flaps are down.  The following four photos illustrate the use of this method with when fur edge is down and fastened to the crown (upper photos), or folded up with closures to the back (lower photos)

Koivistolainen v.3: Foldable fur edge similar to v.2, but with longer fur edges extending beyond the crown, to give a particularly masculine vibe.  [The most popular version in Finland]

Koivistolainen fur hat with extra long fur edge.
Koivistolainen fur hat with extra long fur edge.