Although we primarily sell custom-made items, we also keep a small stock of ready products for immediate sale.  

Currently, we ship to countries in the European Union.  Please contact us if you live outside the EU and would like to order our beautiful fur products!

Our store has two sections:  First, our own products.  Second, products sewn by other retailers or sub-contractors.

Enjoy shopping!

NOTE!  If you don't find the item or size you are looking for, please contact us!  Upon request, we can change the size of ready-made fur hats by 1-2 cm (head circumference).

We are working hard on translating our pages to English and getting new products posted.  Thank you for your patience, and please feel free to contact us at any time!

Section 1:  Our own products:

Section 2:  Retail products from Great Greenland and other producers:

We are the Finnish retailers of Great Greenland's sealskin products.  All sealskins are from Inuit cultural hunting and accepted by the EU, WWF, and Greenpeace.  Great Greenland's entire selection can be viewed from here.  If you do not see the product you're looking for in our online store below, please contact us.  

Remember, you can also always order by contacting us directly!

Please note that natural sealskins are very unique.  Each individual will have a different number and placement of spots, as well as a unique background tone.  

A note on Great Greenland seal species: ring seal has a dark background with light "rings."  Ring seal are small seals, and their hair is longer than harp seal.  Ring seal is the quintessential seal of Greenland.  In comparison, harp seal (also from Greenland) has a lighter background and darker, erratic spots. Harp seal hair is shorter and more silky / shiny.  Of course coloured versions are available as well; just ask us!