About fur

Fur properties

Want to know more about wild fur?

Below is a short overview of fur properties.  Contact us to discuss the perfect fur for your product!

Long- and medium-haired furs for showy applications (e.g. collar trimming):

Fox:   Particularly showy and luxurious.  Long hair.  Colour variations available.  Used particularly for collar trimming and for fur hats.  Finnish source.

Raccoon dog:  Showy and warm.  Long hair.  Often alternated with leather strips to make lighter-weight coats/vests.  Frequently used for hunting mitts, showy hats, and collar trimming.  Finnish source.

Pine marten:  Very soft and warm fur with a light-weight feel.  Mid-length hair.  The peachy throat-patch area makes for unique design possibilities.  Used particularly in fur hats (for children also).   Finnish source. 

Short- and medium-haired furs for durability / weather-resistant applications:

Mink:  Silky soft and durable.  Short hair with a slight sheen.  Used for many applications, from ear muffs and fur hats to fur coats.  Finnish source.

Seal:  Our most weather-resistant fur.  Silky feel and slight sheen.  The slightly stiff, short hairs do not shed, making it an excellent option for vests and coats.  Also popular in fur hats (often combined with fox).  Sustainably sourced from Inuit hunts in Greenland (approved by the EU, WWF, and Greenpeace).

Beaver:  Durable and weather resistant fur.  Mid-length hair, with a slight sheen.  Suitable for many applications (e.g. mitts and hats), particularly for heavy use.  Finnish source.

Sheep:  Warm, soft, and durable.  Short hair (medium hair also available), multiple colour options.  Practical and economical.  Used for traditional-style hats as well as for lining mitts and children's earflaps.